Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 138

Today I had lunch with a very special and good friend! I forgot to take pictures... Ugh. Anyways, we had a delicious meal and talked about so much!! I have really missed her! I'm glad we got to hang out. Also, I transferred into and out of her car. Yeah, I'm getting more awesome by the day. Hahaha!

After lunch, the guy came to fit me for my custom wheelchair. He was super nice! I'm so excited to get my own chair!! I know I won't be in one forever, but it will be nice to have one "just in case". Plus, I might take up wheelchair sports. Haha! It should be interesting.

I went to PT today. We practiced standing and balancing. We worked on my "core" by balancing on a ball (pics are below). Please note the apprehension on my face prior to sitting on the ball. Also, smiling equals nervous laughter. Haha! This is hard enough with two legs, but I found out I can do it with one. Like I said, more awesome by the day...

After that, Dad took me to Best Buy and we got a new mouse and keyboard. Then we went home, had dinner, and finished up Vampire Diaries and started Elementary. Great end to a great day!!

And that's life...

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