Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 164

This morning I woke up and my grandfather made me his famous Egg McWilly breakfast sandwich!! It is my absolute favorite breakfast item that I take advantage of when I see him. Ha! He usually puts it on an English muffin, but I like it on a bagel. It was delicious!!

Next, my grandma and I sat around and wasted time until everyone got home. She made me lunch, a bagel sandwich, and cleaned a bit. Then she started making dinner- enchiladas. Yum!! Today was a great food day! Mommy brought me some chocolate milk home so I had that for dessert!

This is my last day of bed rest (hopefully). I go to the doctor in the morning and can't wait!!! I had a nice last day of bed rest. My friends' son "wrote" me a thank you note for coming to his birthday party a while back. He's so sweet!!

And that's life...

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