Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 162

After a fairly sleepless night, I woke up this morning to my Mom insisting that we could do the whole "shower thing" without any problems. I told her again and again that I can't. Apparently I'm quite the rule follower- at least when it comes to my health. I specifically asked my doctor if I could shower (shouldn't have asked...) and he explicitly told me 'no'. Therefore, I haven't showered and hadn't planned to until I was cleared. A sponge bath I could do, but no shower. So after about 10 minutes of no's, Mom asked my doctor if she could wash my hair in the shower with the wand thing while I faced away from the water. Ha! He said YES!!! I hope he didn't just give into me, that's not cool. However, I was soooooo happy to have showered!!

It's really quite amazing what a shower can do for someone. I remember in the beginning of this whole ordeal wishing I could just soak in a hot shower and let the water clean me of the wreck and its consequences. Of course you know how I felt when I finally DID get to shower. "Glorious" is the word I believe I used. That's how it felt, almost other-worldly. Anyways, after the shower my mood and spirits were quite lifted!!

After that, I sat around- I'm still on bed rest- and played on my tablet and worked on youth stuff. I got special permission to attend the parent meeting I had planned for tonight. My ortho asked what I would be doing at the meeting and Dad had told him just that I was conducting it. I'm not real sure what my doctor thinks I do all the time; run around? Haha! See what I did there? I sit in a wheelchair all day (for now). I finished up my youth stuff, got dressed and went to youth!

The lesson part of youth got off to a slow start, but ended well. The parent meeting went pretty great I thought!! I found out that one of my parents (a parent to one of my youth) is an avid and faithful blog reader. That really made my heart smile!!! I also got a cupcake from a parent and youth duo!! Yay! By the way, it was scrumptious and, because I'm an adult, I ate it BEFORE dinner. I'm such a rebel. Haha! All the plans are now laid out for February and most of March. Woot! Go me.

When I got home, I did some more bed rest... Only THREE more days!!! Mom made us roast for dinner, which we could smell before we even went into the house, and it was DELICIOUS!! Dad made perfect mashed potatoes to go with it. Best meal in a while!!

And that's my life...

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