Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 160

Today I did some more sitting around. Haha! Duh. Bed rest sucks!! Anyways... I tried my hand at painting- fail. I am crafty, but I fear I will NOT be a painter. Ever.

My grandparents stopped by to bring me lunch and see me today! It's been awhile since I've seen them and it was great to catch up. They brought me Babe's chicken!! Seriously, that is some of my favorite food! Yum!!!

I watched some TV today while I was attempting to paint. I saw some Bones, a Transformers movie, and some Comedy Central. I have been so good and compliant by actually doing the whole "bed rest" thing. I'm just a little, ok a lottle, proud of myself!!

I took off the clear part of my bandage from the donor site. Now the icky yellow stuff is exposed and will be until it falls off. Oh joy. The site doesn't really hurt, but burns occasionally. The other leg is ok; no pain, really.

When I got bored today, I went home shopping on Pinterest. I was looking for fun stuff to put in the house of my dreams, which I plan on building. I love "building my dream house" and taking a short break from reality!! It's nice! I also looked up some quotes so I can be inspired. Yeah. Go me!!

Someone commented last night that, "This too shall pass... I mean, one week? You're at day 160!!" You know what? She's right. I have been worried about "time lost" and need to start thinking about experience gained and what the future holds. I can't let myself get down because I'm on bed rest for a week. After this, I should be MORE mobile than I was before. Probably even more than before this whole ordeal!! I can do this! I can be strong! I can kick butt!

Dad told me last night that I am strong. He said I take every challenge that is thrown at me. My PTs, doctors, and parents constantly throw out challenges and I take them head on. I don't like doing something new for the first time, but then I have it down forever. I push myself to be better and get better! That will prove helpful when I start walking- which WILL be soon!!!

The "text conversation" at bottom made me crack up for like 10 minutes!! Hahahahaha! I did not have this conversation, but I sent it to my sissssstaaaaaa so she could enjoy it, too!

And that's the life I choose to live...

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