Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 148

This morning I got up with the intention of going to church, but was running waaaaay behind. Plus, it was freezing!! Unfortunately, I couldn't get motivated to do anything... Ugh. I hate these kind of days.

So I spent a good while trying to get motivated. Nope. Unsuccessful. I started watching TV and working on some computer stuff; I finished the February calendar. Then, my friend stopped by to return something and chit chat. It was so great to see her!! I caught her up with everything that's happened so far and what the week holds. She's so special!! No one else knows... Haha!

On the way to youth, I was talking to Dad and telling him he has to help me make copies and that I had hoped I would have time to go to the bathroom. I told him my "pee time" went up to like 8 minutes when it used to be like 1.5 minutes. Then I told him that he had a "tee time" and I have a "pee time". Ha!! He seemed to think that was pretty hysterical and told me to write about it tonight (which is why I am).

Youth went fabulously tonight!! I think the lesson went very well. We talked about guilt. I'm trying out a new-to-me curriculum. I think the kids and I will really enjoy this one. Plus, this particular lesson was nice because I could easily relate to it and could easily relate it to the children. Just so we're clear, my "kids" are 7th to 12th graders, not actually children (although they occasionally act like it).

When Mom and Dad picked me up, we went to HEB to do some shopping. We just needed a few things. We lost Mom, or rather she ran off, within the first few minutes so Dad and I got what we needed. It was funny because we had to finagle how to carry everything since Mom had the basket. We made it, though.

We went home, ate delish grilled cheese (made on Mom's Christmas present from Dad, the Griddler), and someone else stopped by. We talked for a bit then she left. Mom helped me make a cake and we watched Walking Dead. Not too much later I went to bed.

And that's life...

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