Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 156-Pre Op

Dad and I saw my ortho this morning. Apparently my leg looks good and better, but we're still doing the skin graft tomorrow. I asked him (jokingly) if he could cross the graft to make like a cross, but he said that probably wouldn't work; it will be a thinner piece this time, though. He said I'll have to be on bed rest for 7 days. I asked him if I had to and he said he could just admit me. I told him I would be the "ultra compliant" patient and be good. By the way, this totally ruins the plans I had for this week... He told me that my arm/elbow is better, too, and already back (or super close) to the "functionality range". Woot! He also said that the people in the the OR ask about me more than any other patient... Haha! I guess you never know when you're going to make an impression!!

After the ortho, we went to pre-op for tomorrow's surgery. That took FOREVER!! You'd think they would store all of people's answers in the computer and just asked if anything's changed, but noooooo they have to ask me all the questions AGAIN! Seriously?! Yes. Ugh. When we finally finished the questions, it was time for a blood draw... Now, you know how I feel about blood draws; I hate them. However, this lady did a GREAT job and didn't bruise me or anything!! I didn't even cry! She was awesome!!! Also, my blood pressure and heart rate are back down to normal without the medicine I was taking!! Yeah, I'm that good! I learned I have to shower tonight AND in the morning with special soap stuff. My surgery is at 7:15, but I have to be at the hospital by 5:15. I live 45 minutes away. Plus, I have to shower. Hello 3:30 am. It should be a sin to have to get up that early!! I don't think it is, though.

Next, we talked to my grandma on the phone while we drove. It was so nice to talk to her. It's her birthday today!! We sang to her on the phone! Haha!! When I grow up, I want to be like her. All the neighborhood kids go to her house. She makes Christmas cookies and lets the kids decorate them. She taught me how to dive. She taught me how to cook (and shuck corn). She always had the most random, but best toys, like Linkin Logs. She volunteers at a hospital. She's an inspiration! Plus, she puts up with my grandpa!! Haha! Kidding. They're both pretty great!

Lunch was on the agenda after that (since it was almost 3). Spring Creek Barbecue. Go ahead, be jealous. Waiting... Waiting... Ok, you're over it. Ha! It was, of course, delicious!!! Dad and I love, love, LOVE BBQ! Mom and I try new stuff, and Dad and I stick to the classics. It's a win-win for me- though maybe not my figure... Haha! Oh well. We went home and took a nap before PT.

We went to PT and she stretched out my arm again. We started with the arm bike and moved to the 12 pound, or 2.5- whatever, ball. Then, she made me sit on the core ball (the big one) AND do my arm with the little ball!! I think I did pretty well considering. We also did some standing and exercising while standing. She measured my elbow at 30 degrees!!!! Yay!

Next, we went to Academy to look for tennis shoes because I hate mine. One day I'll need both, but for now I just use one. Then, we went to Half Price Books because I'm going to be on bed rest for a week. Let's stop and a take a second... Uuuuuggggghhhhh! I haaaaaaate bed rest!! Ok. I'm done. I had to get some books to read while I'm chillin' at home by myself for 7 days. Fun times... After I purchased my books, we went home and pretty much straight to bed- 3:30 comes early, you know.

And that's life...

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