Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 150

Day 150- let that sink in a bit... Holy cow! That's a loooong time to be dealing with all this.

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed at the last minute. When Dad went outside to load something in the car, he noticed it was icy (my phone just tried to autocorrect that to ICU... Wow). So we were late because he had to scrape the windows so we could leave.

When we finally got to his school, he made me run all sorts of errands. He makes me work so hard! Ha! I almost finished my book today (still have time). Dad says we need to be careful around his kids because we have the same sense of humor. Haha! He's totally right. Although, most of them take us pretty well. I was told, "I love this girl," today by another girl. These kids are great!!

After school, we had to go PT. We practiced some arm stuff with bands and sitting on the ball while doing different things. I had fun!! Then, we got some dinner so Mom didn't have to cook; she's not feeling too well.

Now we're watching The Walking Dead and then we'll go to bed!! See what I did there? With the rhyming? Ha!

And that's life...

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